The new endeavor in Da Lat

The knowledge

In the north Vietnam has Sapa foggy town and in the South Vietnam, Da Lat is the king of coolest place. This village found by French since the early 20th century, the temperature at this time is not over 10 Celsius degree. It’s so cold and became the place for many French officers built the villa to relax.

After the French people got out of Vietnam, the Vietnamese slave here keep going to live here and almost many Emigrant from Middle of Vietnam come there and built their new life with many combination from difference regions.

Because there are many difference regions so Da Lat has a various delicious food.   Visiting there and try all of them are the best idea. The beautiful view of mountain range, pine forest and thick foggy that’s make you feel relax after under pressure. After visiting this tour, you will understand a little Da Lat history, beautiful views and some of delicious food. That’s make you can not forget.

Detailed timeline:

Xuan Huong Lake

The trip will begin at 7:30 AM by our tour guide pick up you at a hotel. Seating on their motorbike and have a sightseeing at Da Lat. Enjoying the cooling air in the morning will make you wake up. Go around the Xuan Huong lake to see the fog fly on the surface of water, inhale deeply will make your body full of powers. Stopping on the small corner of Da Lat and have breakfast with local meal is Banh Mi Cham Xiu Mai (Bread with meatball).

Xuan Huong lake

Robin Hill

The first destination is the the Robin Hill, standing here you can see all of corner of Da Lat. Taking a photo here and go around the hills to observe many tall pine trees, scenery of Da Lat city. Many house in Da Lat look likes the Lego block from this position. Gather around the tour guide to listen about the history of Da Lat.

Royal King Palace

After visiting the Robin Hill, we will move to Bao Dai King Palace which is the place of the last King in Vietnam. Bao Dai King in the Nguyen Dynasty. There are many beautiful flower gardens, ancient things from the past such as king’s bed, king’s dining room, king’s working room, etc. Visiting there to understand about the last king in Vietnam during the affecting of French regime. Be aware with your belongings because it’s a crowded attraction.

The next place is the Da Lat Railway Station, the French name is the Crémaillère Railway Station built in the French regimes. When the Vietnam War happened, it abandoned and become to restructure for tourist purpose. Walking around on the train to find about the old memory of French building. Don’t forget to check in with this old train by taking photo. The result you got is the classic timeless photo.

Van Hanh Pagoda

The last destination before turning back to the hotel is the Van Hanh Pagoda. There are the big Buddha statue height 24m, the Buddha looks over the city and bring good benefits by spirit religious for the local people. Staying there and pray many good things for relatives.


Local meal for breakfast and lunch, drinks and entrance ticket.

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