What is Marble mountains in Da Nang?

The materials to make this mountain are five marble. It can be call Ngu Hanh Son meaning is Five Elements mountains: Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho. This papers will discuss all things about the marble mountains in Da Nang.

Come to this place of Da Nang city to understand more about the handmade village of Non Nuoc rocks. The local people made the statue by hand to chisel a big rock become a statue of Buddha, animals, legendary animals like phoenix or dragon with sophisticated part.

How to go to the Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains)?

It’s about 8 KM from the central of Da Nang city. Searching the route on Google Maps it will direct you the way to go, it so easy. Moreover, you can follow the website of nguhanhson.org to know more detail.

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Ticket entrance

Elevator fee: 15,000 VND

Hell Cave: 40,000 VND

Guide fee: 50,000 VND

Mountain water: 40,000 VND

You can visit Ngu Hanh Son anytime in the year. However, the best season to visit the Marble Mountain is in summer (June – August). Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and bring water because you will get through and climb many stairs. The September to November, this is the stormy season, be careful with the stairs because it so wet. I suggest for you to visit this mountain in the morning when the weather is cool to climb. After that move to Hoi An to enjoy the fresh beach and seafood for lunch.

The stairs at Ngu Hanh Son (Source: Internet)

The story of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain

The French gave the name for this mountain is The Marble mountains after understanding about the element of the mountain’s soil in chemical. We call it is Ngu Hanh Son in Vietnamese (The Five Element Mountain). There are five separate mountains and get the name follow the element on the earth: Kim Son (Metal mountain), Moc Son (Plant mountain), Thuy Son (Water mountain), Hoa Son (Fire), and Tho Son (Soil mountain).

Visiting the Marble Craft Village

This village can be call Non Nuoc Jewel Village and situated in around the root of Marble Mountains. The activity business of this village appeared for 400 years ago. The locals people can create many big statues and sculptures by rock from Marble mountain. Nowadays, the government efforts to sustain the marble so they issued to ban the artisans using the rock from Marble Mountain to create the statue. So they will use the stone come from difference area to create.

If you are lucky enough, the owner of the store will show you the marvelous fact of marble statue from Ngu Hanh Son Mountain. You can see the rock will change the color when he throw the water on it.

Tam Thai Pagoda

This pagoda have established since 1630 into the spine of the mountain. Visiting this pagoda to understand more about the past. Across by many dynasty and it destroyed many times and renovated by some of Kings of Vietnam. The King give the big copper plate for this Pagoda to keep it and express the gratitude with the Buddha and it still there at this time.

Wonderful Natural Sanctuaries

Thanks for the Mother Nature created many wonderful mountains with beautiful views and place. It can be call the Buddhist region with many buddhist name for the place like: Hoa Nghiem, Van Thong, Huyen Khong, etc. If you have more time, try to discover all of it with many amazing things.

The sculpture garden

There are many place look like the heaven on Ngu Hanh Son with the peaceful and quiet place. Sometimes, you can smell the incense-smoke that make you feel relax and quietly.

The Heavenly Light Cave – Huyen Khong Cave

Visiting there you will see the interesting view, the sunny light get through the roof of the mountain become a mystique view on a cave. The light is shining the corner of the cave and make the pagoda remarkable on the dark cave.

Try to go around here and see the Trang Nghiem Tu Temple built in 1825. This Cave is worship Quang Binh, Chau Xuong, Quan Cong to symbol and pray for the loyalty, wisdom and morality. The statue of Goddess will symbol and pray for the the couples.

The Hell Cave

It’s not like the Huyen Khong Cave, this cave will describe about the hell by many dark corner. Darkest, wet and points-fear are the view of this cave. It looks like the hell with many bad things.

The road to go Hell Cave

The cave with a long length is 302 meters and the height reach 40 to 50 meters. Go around the cave you will see many bad image of the hell when the people have a bad life when dead, they will go to the hell and pay for their sins by many tortures.

The hell follows the Buddhist theory will torture many people with lots of sins when they live like lied, robbery, prime, dishonest jobs, cruel, etc. Visiting there to understand more about the cause and effect law of Buddha.


There are a short list of some of place you should visit when travel to Ngu Hanh Son Mountain (The Marble Mountain). Discovering here to understand more about the history of this mountain and many old construct from the feudal with wonderful landscapes and mystique cave. Wake up in the early morning then climbing this mountain to get the exercise and take a deep breath with an fresh atmosphere between sea and mountain.



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