Don’t know where to discover highlands? Come to Buon Me Thuot right away!

Buon Me Thuot is a highland city which most of the time in there, the climate frequently cool and cloudy. Famous about as a coffee city and the coffee industry, Buon Me Thuot has been fallen love by many visitors, especially the foreigners. The reason is that the smell and the flavour of the coffee in Buon Me Thuot so unique and attractive. Besides, there are many tourist attractions in Buon Me Thuot. In this post, I will suggest for you 5 best locations that I bet you would love it when you have the chance to go to Buon Me Thuot.

Dray Sap waterfall cluster (Cụm thác Dray Sap)

Between Dak Nong (Đắk Nông) and Dak Lak (Đắk Lắk)  province, there is a waterfall cluster called “Drap Say”. As a waterfall cluster, there are smaller waterfalls which are Gia Long, Dray Nur, and Dray Sap. About 30km from Buon Me Thuot, you could enjoy and see wonderful natural space combining with a huge grass carpet stretches across at the top of the waterfall. With an area of 1,600 ha of vast land and majestic and wild natural landscape, this place becomes one of the best check-in places for tourists visiting this city.

Yang Tao Elephant stone Mountain (Núi đá Voi Yang Tao)

Yang Tao Elephant Stone Mountain is a pair of Elephant Dad stone and Elephant Mom stone appeared among the enormous forest.  From the ground, it takes about 15 minutes to climb the gentle slopes, you will reach the highest peak of the rock, where you can observe many regional attractions such as Yang Reh Lake and Chu Yang Sin Range. In recent years, this place is a favourite place for many young people.

Don Village (Buôn Đôn)

Buon Don: A familiar place of people in the Central Highlands and Buon Don who hold tourists’ legs thanks to the rustic, true nature of the mountains and forests. Coming to Buon Don, you will get a close-up view of the big arrogant elephants walking along the direction of the statue. In addition, there are also unique boat tours to watch the legendary river Serepok.

Lak Lake (Hồ Lắk)

Coming to Lak lake, you will be seated on small boats to fully enjoy the wild beauty of nature. Not only is there a lively scene, coming here, you can also admire many Central Highlands cultural identities such as fire dances, seasonal dance, gong performances, silk, rock music … In addition, frames. Thanks to wonderful landscapes in here, you could get the achievement which are photos and wonderful memories.

World Coffee Museum (Bảo Tàng Thế Giới Cà Phê)

World Coffee Museum is a place for most young people come here and have a check-in because of the architecture of the museum.  By combining the era in harmony with the personality excellent native, you could see the masterpiece of Buon Me Thuot’s architects.  Coming here, you not only “live virtual” with many divine shooting angles but also enjoy the strong coffee flavour in the cool and airy space.


In general, Buon Me Thuot besides coffee culture, there are many wonderful sceneries that need travellers to come and visit immediately. In my point of view, I think this is a good place in Vietnam that still has the rustic of nature, combining with various forests and waterfall also. As a traveller, I recommend you should go to Buon Me Thuot once if you come to Vietnam to explore the culture, cuisine, places in here.

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