11 attractive places near Ben Thanh Market

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After visiting Ben Thanh Market, there are some of nearest places that you should go to understand more about the local activity of Saigonese. There are from second hand market to museum or many beautiful views of coffee, etc.

Place to buy something

The Old-timer street in Le Cong Kieu, District 1

This street is short but two sides of the street gather lots of stalls sell old products. There are many old products sold here like watches, art, books, furnitures or shoes, etc.

if you are a treasure hunter, I think you will love this place and can found many rarely goods here. Go around here to find some of things and decor for your home with reasonable price.

Saigon Kitsch – 43 Ton That Thiep, District 1

If you want to buy some of unique gifts or souvenirs difference than others. Visiting to Saigon Kitsch, you can see many difference goods with unique style like Coffee glass, books, arts, jigsaw puzzles, handmade goods, etc.

However, the price in here is not cheap because there are quality goods and unique things like convenience products difference design than others. You can looking for Saigon Kitsch on the Facebook page or Google.

Hatvala Coffee and Tea – 52 Le Thanh Ton, District 1

Having a cup of coffee or a specialist tea near Ben Thanh Market is the best idea in the early morning or afternoon even evening. Besides drinking, you can glance at some of goods here which come from the farmers.

Hatvala’s goods

After trying the taste, you can buy the product immediately. They guarantee 100% product of them are pure and come from natural. Moreover, you can take a sample before you buy.

Mekong Quilts 68 Le Loi, 1st floor, District 1

This place to sell many product with the style follow two combination between Cambodia and Vietnam. All of disadvantaged women made the handcraft products here. There are various colors of product from simple to colorful. The Cambodian love the stripe scarp when working.

Colorful Pillows in Mekong Quilts

We will give all of profits from sales for them to help them avoid their disadvantage in the social. We have many products like bags, scarves, home decoration and some of product made from bamboo. All of it are made from natural and 100% handmade.

Place for foods and beverages

Cafe Apartments 42 Nguyen hue, District 1

This coffee situated on the good view to see the Nguyen Hue walking street. If you have the first time to go there. It’s very difficult for you to find this place because it located inside a block of building. Staying on the Nguyen Hue Street and find the largest Bookshop, go there and find the stairs to go around and find Cafe Apartments.

Looking at the picture you can see there are many stores include coffee shops and cloth stores in this building. Try to go there and ask the young people here, they will direct you to know the Cafe Apartments. Trust me, you will disappointed when visit here although it hard to find.


This place had a unique decor with Gothic style and it situated in the older building. Many people come there to feel the peaceful and slow lifestyle, escape the noise city outside.

In addition, you can have some of snacks and foods here with reasonable price. Almost our customers come there said ID Coffee has a good taste of coffee. The place with a good location, beautiful decor, reasonable price and near Ben Thanh Market are the rarely thing in Saigon.

The highest coffee in Saigon – Bitexco Helibar Bar

This bar is the good view for someone who want to have a full of landscapes in Saigon. It located on 49th floor of Bitexco tower. To stand out here, you will spend 200,000 VND for entry and get one drink. Almost people come there to see Saigon in a highest place with many things are tiny on a hand.

Bitexco Heli Bar (Source: internet)

After having a drinks here, you can visit the Skydeck to get see clearer house or building here. Go there and ask the staff or some of people stand out here about the way to arrive.

5 Guys Smoothies in bui Vien street

There are many smoothy stalls in Saigon, but we recommend you this place is near Ben Thanh market and quite popular with the foreigners when it located in the good location at Saigon. Checking here to taste many tropical fruits like mangoes, durian, dragon fruit, soursop, etc.

The menu at 5 Guys Smoothies

Go to Bui Vien Street and find the address of 84 alleyway, go inside the alley to find the stall of them. They guarantee that smoothies made from 100% of fruit without extra water or sugar. You can consider about adding more condensed milk or not. Vietnamese people love adding more condensed milk before drink.

Attractive places
Fine Art Museum – 97 Pho Duc Chinh, District 1

You can visit here to understand more about the cultural artwork in Vietnam. There are a huge collection of art with impressive collection and have put in the most beautiful old building.

Beautiful old building

The ticket to visit here is 10,000 VND (50 cents), you can go around here to contemplate some of pictures and arts. Taking some of photos to show for your relatives or post in the social networking sites about their trip with many classic corner to check-in.

Marianman Temple – 45 Truong Dinh, District 1

This temple constructed follow the Hindus. Visit here to discover more about the Indian cultural in this temple and contemplate many statue or construction.

Some of corner at Mariamman Temple

Don’t be scared to go inside because there are many colorful decoration as well as statue with a little bit scary shape. Don’t forget to take awesome picture here on your devices.


There are 11 places that you can visit after got through Ben Thanh Market. Each of place has difference things for you to discover with many awesome things will make you surprise. There are many places with easy route to go, you can using the Google Maps to direct before beginning or asking some of young people here, they speaking English well.






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